Employees“The best line of defence for employers is to educate employees as much as possible. Training employees to either avoid debt or get out of it as quickly as possible is one of the best gifts an employer can give.”

Lyndy van den Barselaar, MD of Manpower South Africa shared this article published in Engineering News with the masses, and we wanted to pass it on for you to read too.

She urges companies to take active interest in their employees’ financial wellbeing.

This is a must read.

Jules Newton‘It’s all terribly simple’, says Jules Newton.  We know not everything is in the hands of a manager so the team needs to understand this little nugget.  There are systems and processes that cannot be changed, but communication between manager and team is vital and should stay open without any agenda.

Jules points out 5 simple points which a manager should be doing to help improve the performance of a reluctant team:

  1. Listen more than you talk
  2. Ask questions and then listen
  3. Remove the obstacles to your team’s productivity and empower
  4. Delegate in order to empower
  5. Keep learning

HR Pulse has published Jules’ new article… It’s all just a click away.

E-Learning Article

‘E-learning has it’s role to play and one which, if developed correctly, can add immeasurable value to our teams.’

Jules’ new article about e-Learning has just been published in The Star Workplace.

In this article Jules Newton explains how relying purely on e-learning to train staff was a mistake and how the Avocado Vision Team, through it’s assumptions, but with age and the level of industry maturity has made them a little wiser.

Have a squiz here.

Sunday Times - Avo Providing Training Products

One of the most common questions asked when it comes to running a business is ‘How Did You Grow’??

Many business owners have their own challenges which they experience and Jules is no different.

Here’s an article written by Jules Newton where she shares some light on how Avocado Vision grew as an organization and what the biggest challenge was.

It’s just a click away.

TFM Article

It has been 18 years since Jules had a vision, an Avocado vision. From humble beginnings, the core focus of the business was training, in essence empowering people to develop skills.

Avocado Vision has stood the test of time, it has evolved as it has grown and embraced the principles of Transformation. Over the past five years, Jules and her Team have spearheaded an Enterprise and Supplier Development model which is unique, workable and replicable.

Check out the article here.

Star Workplace Jules Newton points out the risks involved in taking star performers away from what they do well and putting them in charge of teams.  Alternative ways of rewarding their expertise should be found; could it be more money, more leave, the opportunity to work on unique projects or with interesting consultants?

“There are a myriad ways we can reward our stars and not all of them entail giving them a new title.” Read more on this interesting article published in the Star Workplace and get more insight on How to Better Manage your Star Performers here.

Avo Travel Tender 2014

AttentionWe Want You!!!

Avocado Vision would like to partner with a Travel Service Provider for June 2014 till December 2015, because of the growing needs of the business, and would therefore like to invite you to respond to our Tender process.

Avo is a training business and the bulk of our need will include moving Trainers locally, nationwide.  For more information please contact Cindy on 0116140206, or cindy.petersen@avovision.co.za.

You can download the tender RFP document here.

workplaceLosing top-notch young talent is tough, but supporting them to move on is vital…

It’s never easy when a valued member of the company decides to move on to another pasture, but having the foresight to realise that our paths may cross again in the future is the thing to keep in mind when wishing someone bon-voyage

The Star has published Jules’ new article in this week’s Workplace

It’s a wonderful article. Check it out here!

New Avo Babies“I have a baby girl
who is my shining light
she is my morning star
that makes my world so bright!

She is my life, my love,
my heart, my soul
When we are together
we are complete as one whole!”

Just look at these gorgeous little faces!!! Avo welcomes our New-born Baby Pips into the family!!!

Three of our precious employees Slie Nkomo, Carla-Jo Barry and Daphney Shiba gave birth to beautiful babies which we welcomed with open arms and a lot of oooh’s and aah’s.

Londeka born 24 October 2013, Ali-May born 21 February 2014 and Reneilwe born 2 April 2014.

As you can see they are all little princesses. Chicks Rule!!

To the new moms, enjoy your little princesses, and to the little ones we wish you good health and may the good Lord bless you in abundance.

NomsaAs you know high levels of poverty and low levels of education in communities has contributed to their vulnerability, to exploitation and high debt levels.

Insurance Times & Investment News online has published a new blog called ‘Vulnerability to exploitation and high debt levels’. Sanlam, through its foundation has partnered with Avocado Vision to empower communities country-wide with basic financial skills and insight to enable them to make better financial choices and encourage savings through our ‘Money fo’ Sho!’ financial education programme.

Click here and read more.


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