TFM Article JulyWe all strive to grow within our careers, but how do you deal with all the complications that come with “moving up the ranks”? How do you deal with a mate who has been newly promoted to manager?

Promoting deserving ‘Champions’ should be a celebration. However, there is a careful road to travel for the organisation, for the newly structured team and for the employee who embarks on managing previous team members.  It is important to remember that the mark of a great leader is the ability to walk the tricky path and inspire their team to walk with them instead of behind them.

TFM magazine has published Jules’ new article, which chats about what to expect and how to transition from Mate-to-Manager.

Have a read here.

BigPartnersM&GIsn’t it about time David and Goliath just got along??

The National Development Plan for 2017 has made it clear that the small business and cooperative sit at the centre of the war against unemployment.  Where does your organisation sit, do you have your own plan to help fight the scourge of unemployment in South Africa?

Jules has always had a passion to help train and educate the grass-roots communities of SA, but big business is where the resources are, and in partnering together with the SME’s there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Check out the article published in the Mail&Guardian here.

Go-GetterThe Global Entrepreneurship Monitor describes the level of entrepreneurial activity in South Africa as alarmingly low.  What do you think?

The South African entrepreneur climate is impacted heavily by limitations around education, skills development and culture. Without the right levels of education, skills are not developed to the necessary standards.

Jules chats to Mail&Guardian about some of the reasons and possible solutions for the crisis. Check it out here.

TFM Puzzle of ProcurementThis is such a wonderful article, I encourage all of you to read it.

We need to shed light on the importance of organisations taking time to educate their decision-making teams on the objectives, principles and guidelines of real transformation, as “it is more than simply a ‘Black and White’ issue.

BBBEE can be used to your advantage as an organisation, the problem is that most companies lack the basic knowledge and understanding of how it really works to utilise it correctly, and to leverage off its potential power.

TFM Magazine has published Jules’ latest article and we want you to check it out here.

Your Business - April 2015What do Richard Branson, Donald Trump, The Queen and Confidence Tricksters have in common?…

No, it isn’t their fantastic taste in hats. Nor is it their spectacular use of the English language… It’s their sales prowess.

And the best part is that it’s something you can learn too.

Jules’ new article published in the Your Business magazine helps you understand how to sell to the different personality types.

To read the full article, click here.

Mate to ManaggerIt used to be that you and your teammates could all commiserate about the lack of understanding from management, but now you are management.

Avo can show you how to go from teammate to team manager without losing vital relationships.

In Jules’ new article, published in the Star Workplace, she gives you some top tips on how to effectively handle the migration from Mate to Manager.

Check out the article here!

Globe Newswire ThumbGlobe Newswire NASDAQ International have published a latest press release, hot off the press entitled:

BTS has Acquired a Leading South African Learning & Development Company

BTS Group of Companies, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Avocado Vision, a leading South African-based company focused on corporate learning and development as well as community–worksite education.

It’s only just beginning and is already making waves

Check out the full press release here…

YourBusinessPeople are fascinating aren’t they? Park yourself at any mall and you can watch people interacting with others.  You will begin to notice similar types of behaviours… Some smile and chat easily, others listen intently with interest.  You’ll notice some being very direct and forceful, while others reacting in a precise objective way.

Now take a leap into another city across the world, and you’ll notice the same types of behaviour.

Find out why that is in Grant’s new article published in the March edition of Your Business magazine.

Check out his awesome article here.

YourBusinessArticleWhen it comes to managing change in your business, the guys on the front line are the ones who should belt it out…

… and keep in mind that your sales team are the front line!

Jules’ new article, published in the Your Business magazine (January edition), gives some crucial hints and tips on how to best manage change within your organisation.  Every company deals with some level of change on a daily basis, but big change can quickly snowball out of control if it’s not managed correctly from the get-go.

Click here to read the full article.

TFM MagazineDoes South Africa still discriminate as a society?

The desired outcome of diversity is a path of engagement; shifting all preconceived notions, of our ‘learned behaviour’. This will nurture and promote equality, providing all with the potential to succeed.  Although companies are obligated to pull resources from a wide pool of potential employees, promoting diversity and integrating people with disabilities is more than legislative compliance, it is a moral issue with ethical significance.

Jules’ latest article was published in TFM Magazine this month.

Check it out here.


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