New Appointments 2014

Sunday Times CareersWelcome to the new year! and welcome to our brand-spanking new appointments!… Well, actually one of them has returned after a little while away from Avo.

This week, 6 of our home-grown employees have been featured in the Sunday Times Careers New Appointments section.

Khanyi Nkosi - Personal assistant to the CEO & MD, Pertunia Dikgale - Data Reporter Specialist, Saneli Mavundla - Bookkeeping & Sales Support, Portia Malatji - Project Coordinator, Khosi Zulu - Project Manager and Clint Barry - Sales Account Manager.

To all our newbies Welcome Aboard! - to Clint, Welcome Back!

Check out the clipping here.

Hamba Kahle Madiba

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

It almost seems impossible that the father of our nation has passed.  It is with great sadness that we mourn his death, but with great happiness that we celebrate his life.  Mandela has touched the hearts of the entire world.  Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. R.I.P Tata Madiba, you will be forever missed.  The best way we can honour him now is to follow through with his legacy, let us carry the torch that he lit.  This country is now our responsibility.  Never forget, Always remember Madiba.

TFM MagazineOne way of demonstrating ‘Who You Are’ is through a sound performance on your BEE scorecard. (“Ja – I know… I hear the collective wailing of business owners across the country.) Many still, a decade later, quake at the sound of the ‘BEE scorecard bomb’.

Your scorecard will help current and potential customers value and understand ‘Who You Are’ as a company, the aim of B-BBEE is to encourage more people in our economy to NOT leave even one more person impoverished.

The A, B, C’s of doing business in South Africa today are:

A = Affordability, B = Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, C = Credibility, D = Delivery and E = Effectiveness.

Read about it here, and find out more in Jules’ new article published in TFM Magazine.

All for womenIn our day to day dealings with people, we constantly have to employ a combination of negotiation skills together presentation skills – in order to get your ideas and opinions across in an appropriate way. So many people employ a blend of these two skill-sets in their daily lives. It’s important to learn how to put things across in a persuasive manner, whether it’s a dinner table conversation, or a boardroom discussion,” says Jules Newton.

How does one begin a conversation?  The subtopics covered in this article include making a good first impression, how content and structure can help make your message make sense, paying attention to body language and grasping basic presentation skills.

The art of persuasive conversations starts where it should – at the beginning, read more right here.

Brave New World

Entrepreneur“It was an almost impossible decision to make. The new capacity was costing us hundreds of thousands each month.  We had people sitting around being paid who weren’t working. We had no idea when the strike would end and when we could start the contract.  It was an incredibly nerve-wracking time.”

Avocado Vision has spent the last few years enjoying growth, but we’ve also had our share of challenges along the way.

Jules has some interesting knowledge to share with you about how we went through a period of anticipating a huge project deal and was almost jeopardised by a major strike that took place.

Read all about it with just a click of a button here.

York TimbersThe Business fo Sho! training done by one of our phenomenal trainers Nomsa Malinga took place up in Sabie, Mpumalanga on the 18-20 September.

A total of 20 hawkers received training in Financial Literacy and Business Literacy; York Timbers invested in three community upliftment projects worth a total of R600 000 and this being one of them.

York Timbers could not have chosen a better company to be part of this wonderful project, uplifting people who never thought they would recieve such great training. The training equipped them with the knowledge of running their own businesses… and we are so proud!

This is so uplifting and so worth reading about right here.

All for women

Whether she’s ”Stuck In A Rut”, or ”Feeling De-motivated” for Raelene Rorke H.E.A.R.T. is what’s kept her going.

Raelene offers All4Women readers and business women some advice on how to channel their passion and sell with HEART – even when the going gets tough.

It was not easy at first, her clients sensed her demotivation and how she struggled to keep a healthy balance between her technical skill and her passion for the product - but she used some secret tactics to boost her motivation and kick those sales targets!

Read all about it here and get motivated.

Business Day TVJules was interviewed on a show called Big Small Business Show, DSTV channel 412 explaining what Avo is about and also seeking advice from a panel on marketing our services rendered - with regards to the training that we offer and how we can handle a crisis that may occur while running a project i.e. cashflow problems, strike in an area where the project is taking place, etc.

Click and be informed.

Turn Your Team Leaders into TrainersOver the past few years E-Learning platforms seem to have everyone in an excited flutter, but is it really the best solution for every business and organisation?

It might be for some, but not for all.  E-Learning is often expensive and time consuming to implement.

There is an alternative route to take… Jules’ new article published in the Star Workplace highlights a new way to streamline the flow of knowledge.

Have a look-see here.

Sipe4LifeLocally we are hearing about company restructures and retrenchments every other day, and job security seems to have become a thing of the past. Given this difficult environment, it is important to provide strong support to staff - especially during traumatic events such as a restructure.

With the euro zone still in a shambles, the US economy sputtering, and general confidence in the world economy dissipating, uncertainty is rife.

Managing your reaction, providing feedback, not taking it personally and showing support are some of the topics covered. Here is some advice from the Avo team which is based on the experiences and observations of those who have faced these difficulties.


Building and delivering training solutions that empower people with skills and insight to make better choices and live bigger lives. Being brave enough to take on the challenges at a scale that makes a significant impact in SA and beyond

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