What a wonderful response to Shanthee’s first blog! Thanks to everyone who left a comment! It has meant the world to her. Here is another excerpt to keep you intrigued!

” Now folds the lily all her sweetness up
And slips into the bossom of the lake.
So fold thyself my dearest, thou, and slip
Into my bosom and be lost in me.”

(Tennyson: The Princess)

“I had fallen hopelessly in love, with the quiet handsome Muslim, Muhammed Essop Manjoo, whom I promptly named Shyam, an exquisite and celestial name for a beloved. I saw him for the first time in Mr Mayne’s senior shorthand class at the Nizamia, and I simply lived for those Tuesday and Thursday evenings when I could be with him. He became a member of the Child Welfare Society, which gave us the added opportunity of seeing one another.

Filled with longing one afternoon, I walked to the farthermost upper end of Church Street to Amod Cassimjee’s where Shyam was an accountant. I went disguised as a man, complete with dark glasses and hat provided by my friend Cynthia Green who accompanied me for moral support. All for the sweet, forbidden pleasure, thrill and sheer joy of seeing and surprising Shyam!

Although Rookmani, Ma and Mamee knew of this friendship, they wisely witheld it from my father who, being a devout Hindu, would never approve. And that was putting it mildly.”

4 Responses to “Classrooms in the Shade: Shanthee falls hopelessly in Love”  

  1. 1 Carin

    Ooooh, this book sounds more interesting with every snippet you tease us with Trace!

  2. 2 corrie

    Thanks Tracy for this wonderful blog. Of course I’ve read this before…and love the writing…but it IS kind of weird reading about one’s parents’ ‘longings’ out there for all the world to see!!! Better get used to it I guess….
    My Mom has revealed her life as a child, daughter, teacher, wife and mother in tumultuous times in South African history with feeling and poignancy and humor.
    I hope all the world gets to read it too.
    xxx Corrie

  3. 3 Sherissa

    Beautifully written. I am looking forward to reading this book.

  4. 4 Eugene Anthony Colborne

    What a wonderful surprise to have my mum phone to tell me that my teacher, Mrs. Manjoo had a book published. Living in Sydney I often wonder about the life of people in South Africa who I have encountered and those who have made an impact on my life. Mrs. Manjoo was a gracious, caring and patient teacher who made me feel very special. When my family migrated, Mrs. Manjoo came to our house to give me a farewell present. 32 years later I still have that present. I visited Mrs. Manjoo in late 1994 on my only visit to South Africa. I did not have time to visit some of my family but felt that I must visit Mrs. Manjoo, to show her what I had become and to rekindle a fondness for a lady that did not falter.
    I cannot wait to get my copy of Classrooms in the shade delivered and hope to have it personally autographed by one of the most amazing woman I have had the pleasure of knowing.
    Congratulations on being published.
    Fond memories and a good life to you Mrs. Manjoo.

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