Empowering Businesses to Create Shared Value

Unlocking Potential Through Business Development

Unlock your business's potential with community education and small business development solutions.
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Transforming Communities Through Education & Business Development

Empowering businesses to create shared value through community education and small business development, addressing South Africa's key challenges of poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

At Avo Vision, we are dedicated to making a lasting impact by connecting great ideas and execution with great businesses. Our mission is to actively solve South Africa's key challenges of poverty, inequality, and unemployment through sustainable investment in community education, life-skills training, and supporting enterprise development, unlocking economic participation in established and emerging business value-chains.
All Avo Vision’s programmes result in Socio-Economic Development and are underpinned by our commitment to support and implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the SA Government’s National Development Plan 2030 (NDP) priorities.

With a strong belief in ‘planting trees under whose shade you may never sit,' we engage in partnership actions where we equip individuals and groups with the skills and knowledge to make better decisions and live bigger lives.
Join us in creating shared value and driving positive change.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business to make an impact.

Benefit from our expertise and track record in community education, small business development, and executing sustainable and impactful solutions. Together, we can make the difference.
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Our Impact Areas

Driving Social Change through Business Development
Business Development
Let's begin empowering businesses with training in financial management and climate resilience, fostering growth through partnerships.
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Education and Development
Get your community involved with tailored training initiatives, empowering them with practical skills and fostering collaboration.
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Socio-Economic Development
Join us in addressing critical societal challenges like Food Security and Water Conservation, fostering an inclusive, sustainable society.
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Visualising Our Collective Impact
Explore the power of our collaborative efforts and see the transformative impact we're making in communities. 

Read our impact stories and explore our outcomes & initiatives, highlighting the positive change we're delivering with our partners!
Training Participants Reached to date
Targeted reach by 2026
Partnerships That Drive Impact
Collaborating for Sustainable Change
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