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At Avo Vision, we believe in the power of giving back. Our commitment to building a stronger South Africa goes beyond business success. Discover our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives.
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Promoting Sustainability: Creating Positive Impact In Our Communities.

Discover how we make a meaningful impact on communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. With a Vision to uplift and transform, we are dedicated to addressing key challenges facing our nation.
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Envisioning Change Through Collaboration

Catalyzing Community Empowerment: The Avo Vision Foundation NPC
Introducing The Avo Vision Foundation NPC, an unwavering advocate for positive transformation. As a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC), we hold a powerful vision - to champion the welfare, human rights, and socio-economic prosperity of marginalized individuals and communities across South Africa. 

Our purpose is backed by the Section 18a charitable and development foundation registration from SARS, underscoring our commitment to sustainable livelihoods. This journey began under the wings of Avocado Vision (Pty) Ltd, our parent company, which set the stage for our expanding Corporate Social Investment (CSI) impact in these crucial areas. Our mission extends further - to partner with Avo's network of commercial partners and investors, united by a shared goal of socio-economic growth in both the private and public sectors. Guided by a passion for entrepreneurship development, enterprise incubation, job creation, and skills enhancement, we embark on initiatives that breathe life into our vision.

Creating Waves of Change Across South Africa

Empowering Futures through Collaborative Ventures
In the realm of transformation, collaboration reigns supreme. The Avo Vision Foundation NPC stands as a testament to the power of partnerships. Born from the vision of Avocado Vision (Pty) Ltd, we are more than just an entity; we're a force driving change. Our purpose extends beyond aiding community-led projects; we aim to uplift, sustain, and empower. This endeavor is fueled by our alignment with Avo's extensive network of commercial partners and investors. 

Together, we strive to catalyze ventures that breathe life into our communities. From entrepreneurship development to enterprise incubation, job creation to skills training, our initiatives echo with a commitment to nurturing growth and prosperity. As we join hands with our partners and funders, we pave the way for tax-deductible avenues and sustainable impact partnerships that leave an indelible mark. At the heart of it all lies our unwavering promise - to create high-visibility projects that operate across South Africa, each bearing the hallmark of our proven track record and socio-economic impacts.

The Foundation works in the following areas as per our Memorandum of Incorporation:

Early Childhood Development intervention support programmes.
Social Enterprise intervention programs targeted at increasing access to the economy
Training for unemployed and underemployed young people to enable them to create or obtain employment
Educational enrichment, academic support, and supplementary tuition for the poor and needy
Anti-poverty initiatives and community development for the poor and needy focusing on financial literacy, self-help, empowerment, capacity building and skills development
Supporting emerging micro-enterprises in rural and underdeveloped areas to improve their capacity, business management and market access
Promoting environmental awareness, biodiversity and land restoration, and sustainable development projects to establish a Green Economy
Partnerships That Drive Impact
Collaborating for Sustainable Change

Join Us in Making a Difference

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Join Avo Vision in our mission to create a better South Africa through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Your involvement can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities. Together, we can address poverty, inequality, and unemployment, and work towards a brighter future for all.
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Investing in Our Communities

Avo Vision's Impact Beyond Business
Our dedication to societal progress drives us to invest in communities through purposeful initiatives. We pride ourselves in our grassroots-level reach, built upon a network of community training partners who understand the language, social issues, and context of the areas we serve.

Together, we're striving to achieve impact with an ambitious goal: reaching and positively influencing 1 million participants over the next five years.
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Embracing the Power of Giving

Making a Difference That Matters
Our commitment to building South Africa goes beyond business success. At Avo Vision, we're dedicated to investing in communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. What sets us apart is our grassroots-level reach, enabled by an extensive network of community training partners.

These partners intimately understand the language, social issues, and context of the communities we serve. Our aim is ambitious: to impact 1 million participants over the next five years. Through genuine engagement and strategic initiatives, we're making a difference that matters.
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Addressing Triple Challenges

Uplifting Society Through Strategic Commitment
Avo Vision plays a vital role in confronting the triple challenges that South Africa faces: poverty, inequality, and unemployment. Our commitment extends through our core pillars of Housing, Early Childhood Development, Environmental Initiatives, Unemployment, and Financial Health.

By focusing on these areas, we're actively contributing to sustainable solutions that uplift our society. Through strategic partnerships, we're addressing these challenges head-on and fostering a brighter future for individuals and communities across our nation.
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Creating Shared Value

Driving Impact Through Collaboration
Creating shared value is embedded in our ethos at Avo Vision. We serve as a bridge between grassroots communities and corporate environments, effectively addressing some of society's most pressing challenges. Our strength lies in building networks of collaboration among organisations and individuals, uniting efforts to create real solutions.

We believe in harnessing our unique focus areas, strengths, and contributions to drive tangible impact across sectors and disciplines. As we work alongside partners who share our Vision, we're building sustainable value for communities, the environment, and our country's economy.
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Success Stories: Social Impact Profiles

Explore inspiring case studies showcasing the transformative power of our services.
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What our customers say about us

  • “We believe that Avocado Vision has the necessary qualification and experience to assist you in your endeavours. Their Staff is responsive, their processes are clear and transparent, and their communication and reporting keep us informed on progress. Most important they understand the kind of support and development needs small business owners have and how to address them”
    Rirhandzu Sithole
    Development Impact Coordinator
    Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF)
  • "We found Avocado Vision very capable of delivering our programme on a national level, assisting with their expertise in areas where required and considering the recommendations from our independent Monitoring and Evaluation partner for 2019. Part of our requirements in partnering with a service provider is that they conduct themselves in accordance with our values at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Ltd which Avocado Vision displayed throughout."
    Claire Klaasen
    Consumer Finance Education Portfolio Head
    Momentum Metropolitan
  • "Environmental and Rural Solutions (ERS) in Matatiele, Eastern Cape, has been collaborating with Avocado Vision for over five years in developing the Green Business value chain in the upper catchment areas of the Umzinvubu River. This partnership which is still growing is helping us reach more people and conserve more resources. The message of building the resilience of our landscapes and ecosystem services is getting wider adoption mainly because of partnerships such as we have with Avocado Vision. As ERS we fully support the effort and resourcing of Avocado Vision so that they are enabled to grow their work and ours as partners."
    Sissie Matela
    Environmental and Rural Solutions (ERS)
  • “We would rate Avocado Vision’s service at 90%. Their programmes are well designed, their systems work well, their operational team is strong, their facilitators are engaging and Avo knows their target market and what their development needs are.”
    Wendy Bergsteedt
    Group Head of marketing at Coronation Fund Manager
    Coronation Fund Manager
  • “The small business development programme run by Avocado Vision has had and is continuing to have a powerful and enabling influence on these 15 Small Medium and Micro enterprises that have gone through the programme. We recommend Avocado Vision without reservation as a business development programme implementer who has performed beyond expectation and would rate their performance at 92%.”
    Dr Christo Marais
    Chief Director, Natural Resource Manager
  • "We approached Avocado Vision during the course of March 2021 in order for them to assist us with a Consumer Education Initiative. We needed them to complete the proposed project with extremely tight deadlines in order for these initiatives to fall within our financial year for B-BBEE purposes. We had found the team at Avocado Vision to be knowledgable, passionate, detail-oriented, and deadline driven. They managed to complete our project within the deadline and kept us up-to-date throughout the project. The ability of the team to deliver on a big project, within three months, and during the COVID-19 pandemic has immensely impressed us. We will continue to partner with Avocado Vision and will recommend them to any third party that may require the services offered by Avocado Vision."
    Quinton Ferreira
    Industrial Relations (IR) Manager
  • “We asked Avo to help us equip ECD principles and staff with the kind of business insights, tools, and financial acumen to be able to identify and leverage opportunities for real and measurable business growth and long-term sustainability. I would recommend any organisation to make use of Avocado Vision as a provider.”
    Hannelie de Klerk
    Senior Manager: Consumer education