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Driving Positive Change Through Meaningful Impact

Fostering sustainable solutions that tackle societal challenges and drive positive change in the country.

Business Development Services

Igniting growth and unlocking potential for businesses with a focus on entrepreneur capacity building, market penetration, and business incubation.
Education empowerment is our core mission. With our community-focused programmes, we deliver tailored training initiatives that foster practical skills development. Together, we illuminate pathways to a more accessible and brighter future through hands-on learning experiences.
Accelerate the growth of your enterprise with our results-driven Enterprise Development service. Our strategic solutions address key focus areas, including operational efficiency, leadership, and market expansion. Elevate your business to new heights, create sustainable solutions, and drive positive change in the country.
Realise your dreams of property development with our Property Finance service. We provide affordable housing options that offer dignity and stability to those in need. Our financial expertise and support enable individuals and communities to access opportunities and build a brighter future.
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Driving Results: Impactful Projects

Explore the Top Three Projects and Their Remarkable Achievements, Reflecting Our Commitment to Positive Change.
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DEFF Green Business Value Chain Programme
30 million litres of water. As a result of the clearing and biomass beneficiation activities that have been set up through the project.
DEFF Green Business Value Chain Programme
18 Businesses established. New FSC-certified charcoal production businesses established.
DEFF Green Business Value Chain Programme
40 new jobs were created. Businesses established have contributed to 40 new jobs being created.
Partnerships That Drive Impact
Collaborating for Sustainable Change

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Your Questions Answered
Discover quick and easy solutions to common queries and gain clarity on our services.
What do your Business Development services entail?
Our business development services include providing holistic support such as business acumen/skills training, business incubation, mentorship, and networking opportunities aimed at building capacity and meeting specific business goals.
How can business development benefit my company?
Whether it’s for your suppliers or your organisation, business development can enhance your business’s competitive advantage, improve operational efficiency, increase profitability, and better position a business to be ready for funders and opportunities.
What kind of businesses do you work with?
We work with a diverse range of businesses and entrepreneurs, young and older, aspiring and established, informal and formal. Our team comprises a rich well of expertise in business across several disciplines and industries, positioning us to support and work with various kinds of businesses.
How do you approach skills training within your business development service?
At the heart of every business lies its leadership, employees, and finances. Our business development programmes/solutions are underpinned by financial literacy and personal mastery and further address the all common challenges of business such as efficiency, teamwork, problem-solving, identifying solutions, networking, funding readiness, and many more topics.

These solutions are presented in an engaging, experiential, and language-agnostic way by facilitators with relevant experience and a knack for business.
Can you assist with securing funding or connecting us to potential funders?
One of the topics covered in our business development programme and curriculum is “funding readiness” which tackles whether a business is ready to approach funders as it relates to understanding what funders are looking for, business growth, admin, compliance, and mindset.
“We believe that Avocado Vision has the necessary qualification and experience to assist you in your endeavours. Their Staff is responsive, their processes are clear and transparent, and their communication and reporting keep us informed on progress. Most important they understand the kind of support and development needs small business owners have and how to address them”
Rirhandzu Sithole
Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF)

What our customers say about us

  • “We believe that Avocado Vision has the necessary qualification and experience to assist you in your endeavours. Their Staff is responsive, their processes are clear and transparent, and their communication and reporting keep us informed on progress. Most important they understand the kind of support and development needs small business owners have and how to address them”
    Rirhandzu Sithole
    Development Impact Coordinator
    Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF)
  • "We found Avocado Vision very capable of delivering our programme on a national level, assisting with their expertise in areas where required and considering the recommendations from our independent Monitoring and Evaluation partner for 2019. Part of our requirements in partnering with a service provider is that they conduct themselves in accordance with our values at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Ltd which Avocado Vision displayed throughout."
    Claire Klaasen
    Consumer Finance Education Portfolio Head
    Momentum Metropolitan
  • "Environmental and Rural Solutions (ERS) in Matatiele, Eastern Cape, has been collaborating with Avocado Vision for over five years in developing the Green Business value chain in the upper catchment areas of the Umzinvubu River. This partnership which is still growing is helping us reach more people and conserve more resources. The message of building the resilience of our landscapes and ecosystem services is getting wider adoption mainly because of partnerships such as we have with Avocado Vision. As ERS we fully support the effort and resourcing of Avocado Vision so that they are enabled to grow their work and ours as partners."
    Sissie Matela
    Environmental and Rural Solutions (ERS)
  • “We would rate Avocado Vision’s service at 90%. Their programmes are well designed, their systems work well, their operational team is strong, their facilitators are engaging and Avo knows their target market and what their development needs are.”
    Wendy Bergsteedt
    Group Head of marketing at Coronation Fund Manager
    Coronation Fund Manager
  • “The small business development programme run by Avocado Vision has had and is continuing to have a powerful and enabling influence on these 15 Small Medium and Micro enterprises that have gone through the programme. We recommend Avocado Vision without reservation as a business development programme implementer who has performed beyond expectation and would rate their performance at 92%.”
    Dr Christo Marais
    Chief Director, Natural Resource Manager
  • "We approached Avocado Vision during the course of March 2021 in order for them to assist us with a Consumer Education Initiative. We needed them to complete the proposed project with extremely tight deadlines in order for these initiatives to fall within our financial year for B-BBEE purposes. We had found the team at Avocado Vision to be knowledgable, passionate, detail-oriented, and deadline driven. They managed to complete our project within the deadline and kept us up-to-date throughout the project. The ability of the team to deliver on a big project, within three months, and during the COVID-19 pandemic has immensely impressed us. We will continue to partner with Avocado Vision and will recommend them to any third party that may require the services offered by Avocado Vision."
    Quinton Ferreira
    Industrial Relations (IR) Manager
  • “We asked Avo to help us equip ECD principles and staff with the kind of business insights, tools, and financial acumen to be able to identify and leverage opportunities for real and measurable business growth and long-term sustainability. I would recommend any organisation to make use of Avocado Vision as a provider.”
    Hannelie de Klerk
    Senior Manager: Consumer education