5 August 2023
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Empowering Employees through Financial Education

Empowering Employees through Financial Education in the Workplace: A Path to Financial Wellbeing

In today's turbulent financial landscape, South Africans face significant challenges when it comes to managing their finances. According to the South African Reserve Bank, a startling statistic reveals that over 75% of South Africans are spending most of their take-home pay on debt. Additionally, research indicates that approximately 84% of individuals struggle to make ends meet each month, resorting to expensive and unsecured loans, such as those offered by illicit ‘mashonisas’ or loan sharks. Moreover, only a mere 6% of retirees can retire comfortably with their life savings. These alarming figures call for urgent action to improve financial literacy and well-being across the nation.

Avocado Vision's Approach to Financial Education:
At Avocado Vision, we strongly believe that training employees at their workplace is a powerful tool to incentivise a workforce and empower employees with essential financial knowledge and skills. Having financially savvy employees makes for better business. Providing employees with the necessary tools to either avoid debt or navigate through it more efficiently, is one of the most valuable gifts an employer can offer. By offering comprehensive financial, life, and business skills training in the workplace, companies can unlock a greater good and contribute to the financial well-being, resilience, and prosperity of their employees and communities.

Partnership with Sanlam and Impactful Results:
Through our partnership with the Sanlam Foundation, Avocado Vision has successfully implemented a robust financial education program, equipping a significant number of employed participants with essential financial skills. This initiative aims to increase financial literacy, foster a savings culture, and promote a deeper understanding of financial concepts among employees from both the public and private sectors. Our training programmes are designed to be interactive and engaging, which ensures effective learning transfer between our trainers and their participants, whether conducted virtually or face-to-face.

Real-Life Training Examples:
In a recent training session, Avocado Vision had the privilege of training the ‘Men-and-Women-in-Blue’ from the South African Police Service in the Madikwe community of the North-West Province. These dedicated officers, fresh off their night shifts, eagerly participated in their financial skills training sessions. The training covered a range of topics such as How to Stretch Your Budget, Saving and Investing, Scams and Fraud, Managing Debt and Credit, How to Boost Your Income, How to Manage Financial Risk, Planning for Retirement, How Tax Affects Your Money, Beliefs, and Money, Young People and Money, and Buying a House or Car.

Participant Feedback and Impact:
The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. For example, one participant shared:
"The most interesting part for me about the training was learning the budgeting tips and identifying areas where I was being wasteful." This sentiment is echoed by many others who recognise the importance of managing day-to-day expenses and long-term financial forecasting. Financial skills training plays a crucial role in helping individuals plan, save, and provide adequate income for retirement while avoiding excessive debt that can lead to bankruptcy and defaults.

Overcoming a Low Savings Culture:
One significant barrier to financial well-being in our communities is the lack of awareness and preparation for future financial needs. Avocado Vision's financial education programme has made a significant impact by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Participants acknowledge the need for continuous motivation and training sessions like these to encourage and guide them in the right direction toward a brighter financial future.

Invest in a Meaningful Programme:
If you are looking for ways to meet B-BBEE targets, while investing in a truly impactful programme, we invite you to contact us at engage@avovision.co.za. Together, we can empower your employees, strengthen financial literacy in general, and thereby contribute to the growth and prosperity of our nation.


Workplace financial education holds tremendous potential to uplift employees and transform their financial well-being. Avocado Vision is committed to providing comprehensive training that equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of personal finance.

By investing in these programmes, organisations will not only meet their CFE/SED compliance targets but also contribute to the overall financial resilience and prosperity of employees and communities. Let us join hands in empowering individuals, promoting a savings culture, and building a financially savvy society for a brighter future.

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