16 August 2023
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How we select our best trainers

Good ideas and good partnerships develop and grow over time. They create special magic between people and visionary ideas, which, in the end, are greater than anything that we could have done on our own. The partnership that we have with our Trainers is one of the most valuable to us as we collaborate with our trainers to address society’s big challenges to help make better decisions and live better lives.

Training is not as easy as it looks. There is a lot of preparation that happens before a trainer can successfully present to participants. Train The Trainer (which Avo affectionately refers to as T3) is a process where a trainer goes through training to get skills and knowledge around the content to be shared with participants. Avo Vision is enthusiastic about working closely with our training partners to ensure that they can train to a high standard of excellence.

Avo aims to bring our training partners together from all over South Africa at least once a year. We explain the method of how to present and facilitate the content using the unique engagement style that Avo Vision is proud of. This Trainer Training was focused on our financial education programmes which are Money fo’Sho! and our Money Module programmes. The training took place in Kempton Park for five days during the month of October. Training partners who attended were signed off and received certificates that qualify them to facilitate our programmes.

The lead trainer Antoinette Mthetwa has been working for Avo Vision since 2020. She explained that Avo Vision goes through different steps to ensure that only the best trainers are picked for all our programmes. Before the training partners come to attend a T3, they must complete our online course which has twelve modules. The online content is based on what the trainers must present to the participants. When the online course is complete, those who passed all the modules are invited to come to the face-to-face T3 session where they learn our methodology that encompasses how we train. Antoinette further says the T3 is Avo’s way to upskill trainers whenever there is updated content or when changes have been made to the learning material.

It is important to pick excellent trainers as they represent Avo Vision in our South African communities. The T3’s ensures that everything related to quality and excellence is covered and there are no stones left unturned. Veronique Klaasen who has been in a training partnership with Avo for ten years says that “experience” is not the only thing that counts when it comes to training. The content behind the material and activities are important as well. “The most exciting thing that I like about attending Train the Trainer sessions is that you get to meet different trainers who share their experiences and ideas about how they manage their training and present content. As a trainer, you are the same as a student because you never stop learning. You learn new things every time”. Veronique is a very versatile trainer as she also attended the T3 which was focused on entrepreneurship and SMME development.

Another one of the recent graduates of our Trainer Training is Zwelinjani Thoba. He has been training with multiple organisations since 2005. He believes that to be a better facilitator a person must have a passion to teach so that it will not feel like a chore. Zwelinjani started training for Avo Vision in 2019 and says the T3 sessions are very insightful. “I Joined Avo when I was exposed to the Working for Water Training, and I grabbed that opportunity to gain experience in that programme. Ever since then, we have done other training programmes with Avo Vision. What I enjoy most about T3’s is that the lead trainers show us different ways of facilitating. You also get to meet people from across the country who are as enthusiastic as you are and together you share knowledge and skills”. Zwelinjani uses any chance he gets to educate people because he can see that this training has changed lives. He enjoys working with Avo Vision because there is still a lot to be done.

Avo Vision has over forty training partners in all nine provinces of South Africa. We pride ourselves on our ability to reach people in all types of contexts, from urban and rural, to formal and informal. We also strive to deliver social projects with a national reach by working with our training partners who are micro-enterprises. They deliver our training programmes in their local communities, and we ensure the standard of excellence is upheld through our rigorous Trainer Training process.

If you have any content that you want to reach South African communities with, we are the right partner. email us at engage@avovision.co.za for more information.

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