29 February 2024
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Social Employment Fund Transforms Lives in Mapaputle

Jacky Baloyi, the founder of Tsathago Wildlife Services, a green business in North West, has employed 39 previously unemployed individuals through the SEF programme to do bush thinning and environmental restoration, to improve water security and grazing land in the area. Had it not been for the SEF support, Jacky would have spent R600 000 on salaries, equipment, and PPE – SEF offers a significant saving for this small business owner.

Jacky expresses gratitude for the SEF programme, believing it makes a significant difference in many households in this remote area. She envisions the programme as not just providing jobs but ensuring long-term sustainability by empowering employees with the skills needed to start their businesses and earn more. The SEF programme becomes a beacon of hope for Mapaputla, illuminating a path toward a more prosperous and sustainable future. Employees like Kelebogile Rathebe, a graduate engineer, expressed how this opportunity has given her hope, especially after being unemployed for a while. Rathebe emphasises: "This is also a chance for me to learn new skills, as I was not exposed to the environmental." The SEF programme continues to impact participants from various backgrounds, providing them with not only employment opportunities but also valuable skills and a renewed sense of hope for the future.

SEF forms part of the Presidential Stimulus programme and aims to offer temporary employment to 55,000 unemployed individuals from August 2023 to May 2024. Avo has successfully onboarded 1,191 previously unemployed individuals across the country, placing them in Green Businesses and Early Childhood Centres.

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